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From Kirsty Bolderston Veterinary Physiotherapist MSc MRAMP

Science and evidence led, holistic, Veterinary Physiotherapy practice offering a touch of care for your horse and hound


I'm Kirsty Bolderston

Combining scientific research with a mindful, caring and holistic approach to treatment for the equine or canine individual.  I provide a premium Veterinary Physiotherapy service across Norfolk and North Suffolk aiding in optimal healing, rehabilitation and performance.  For the canines, I have the option of clinic appointments available at The Small Animal Clinic on the Centre Paws site in Wymondham.  I can also offer hydrotherapy from the clinic's amazing pool or underwater treadmill.

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Kirsty Bolderston MSc Veterinary Physiotherapist
(MRAMP), Canine Hydrotherapist & Certified Indiba Practitioner
Regulated by RAMP and fully insured

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A farmers daughter with a lifetime of animal care experience and an enthusiastic equestrian... I have worked within equine and small animal veterinary practices, volunteering at rescue centres and being a horse owner myself, I wholeheartedly understand how important our equine friends are to us.  Similarly, a dog owner and lover, they are an extension to our family and we love them dearly.  Our companions truly deserve the very best of everything and I pride myself in offering a consciencious and thorough service with treatments tailored to the individual.

I have progressed to the highest level of education possible in my field and obtained my qualification from the most successful Veterinary Physiotherapy educational institute in the country (The National Student Survey, 2021).  Not only am I passionate about what I do and with a keen interest in biomechanics but I also care deeply. My love of animals is what got me here in the first place!


Level 7
Masters Degree
Veterinary Physiotherapy
Writtle University College

Level 6
(Bachelors Degree Level)
Animal Therapy
Writtle University College

Ongoing personal competency logs, detailed specific anatomy knowledge, covering modules in Advanced Physiotherapeutic Techniques, Comparative Anatomy Biomechanics Injury and Disease, Equine and Canine Clinical Conditions and weekly clinic rotations. I also carried out my own research during this year to investigate the effects of kinesiology taping on equine kinematics

Over a period of 3 years, I covered modules in Anatomy, Anatomy Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Animal Biomechanics, Equine & Canine Nutrition and Parasitology, Extrinsic Factors affecting Performance, Animal Health & Disease, Rehabilitation & Performance, Animals in Motion, Complementary Therapies (acupuncture, homeopathy, osteopathy, aromatherapy etc), Ethics & Welfare, Sports Medicine, Massage Therapy & Remedial Exercise and of course, dissertation.

Level 4 
Certificate in Equine Studies
Writtle University College

Level 4
Canine Hydrotherapy - Advanced Treadmill Techniques

Writtle University College

Level 3
Canine Hydrotherapy

Writtle University College

Kinesiology Taping Therapist

Rocktape Certified

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